Hey Ya’ll!

Hey Ya’ll!

Like what I did up there? It sounds southern, right? LOL

I am actually not a southerner, although I reside in Tennessee! I grew up in Western Ohio. I often wonder how I got to where I am today. But I would not have it any other way!

Here is a picture of MY WORLD. And my reason WHY! I can not wait to tell you more about them 😉

Throughout this blog, I am hoping to catch your interest- whether it be from your interest in my blog posts, shopping links or just to keep up with me (trust me, I am not THAT interesting, HA!). But this gives me a way to explore my creativity as well as bring things to the table that spark your interest!

I have really juggled with starting my own blog for a while. I often get thoughts like “you are not good enough at blogging to do that” and “no one will be interested.” And although these thoughts still arise daily, I have decided to just go for it!

So please be patient! As, not only am I trying to figure out ‘how’ to blog, but also, how to intrigue my audience as well!

So please, stick around! There is more to come 😉



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