Key to looking YOUNG? Read on!

Key to looking YOUNG? Read on!

Don’t we all just want to look YOUNG? Wait, most of you reading this, probably are. But the question is how do we stay looking YOUNG even when we aren’t? Well we all have heard from our grandmas to take care of our skin when you are YOUNG because when you start to look OLD, it will be too late.

But washing your skin daily and even, twice daily is soo much work. Honestly, it was always a dreadful task for me. Mostly because I felt like I was not seeing improvement no matter if I washed it or not. And plus, I am young, I don’t have a bunch of wrinkles so screw it- I’ll worry about it later.

Once I had Kaylor, I realized the importance of taking care of your body. Simply because, during my pregnancy, I did not. I pretty much took the easy way out for everything and did the bare minimum (like brushing my teeth and washing my hair. Like that’s it..YIKES & TMI. HA). But now that I have two little eyes watching me, and that my body has definietly took a drastic change, I realized that taking care of my skin is soo important.

I could really go into detail about how my body/ skin has changed the past two years but I will save that for a later post, just know, it has & getting my old skin back has been one of the hardest journeys I have ever taken.

& PS: I am not trying to get my pre pregnancy skin back, I love the skin the Lord has blessed me with. It helped me house my little girl for nine months but I just want to take care of it & see it be replenished like it was before.

DISCLAIMER: Before we dive into these [AWESOME] products, I need to type this. Because this is public and of course, it is all MY OPINION. Everyone’s skin is different. Just because these products have worked wonders for me, does not mean it WILL do the same for you ( although, I am pretty sure they will. LOL). I only share products that I have personally tried and LOVED. I want to instill trust in my audience that they know, products I share with you, are only things I truly recommend.

Ok, now that the legal script is over. Lets dive in.

( At the bottom of each product section, I will provide a link that you can click. This will allow you to look into further ingredients in each product πŸ™‚ Only because I want you to know EVERYTHING about these products and feel confident with what you are putting on your skin)


I use this cleanser every day. I love this stuff. It makes my skin feel so clean without feeling like I just burn’t my skin off. It truly leaves my skin feeling so soft and replenished.

I always like my audience to know, I am not one for harsh chemicals. I really try to avoid those in my house. And by avoiding them, I also, do not apply anything harsh products to my skin. This is an all natural face wash with vitamin B3.

This cleanser is ONLY $12.99 US.

Further info:


I love this exfoliant. It is a lot like the cleanser but with some additional scrub to it. Like normal exfoliants, it has the rough texture to allow for additional cleansing. I use this on the days that I work. I just feel as though, I need a little more of a deep clean after working in a hospital for 12 hours so I use this.

I am no skin expert, but I believe, you kind of want to go light with an exfoliant because it can be rough on your skin if used too much. I mean it does kind of feel like sand paper- but good, smelly good sand paper lol.

$13.99 US

Serum & Infusion Mask

Now, I could talk days about this cell proof serum but let me just sum it up: AMAZING. I use this before I go to bed daily, as a primer before make up & as a morning moisturizer.

Now, these items can be a bit more pricey but if you truly want to invest in your skin, this is it. This serum is full of abundant nutrients like collagen that is vital for healthy and young looking skin.


Ok, so that was a lot of information. But just trust me on this one, Modere has so many products that are beyond beneficial. My skin care routine has never been better and it is actually something I look forward to! WHAT?! Yeah, this momma likes to get that face feeling FRESHH. It is actually hard for me to fall asleep unless I have done so. I guess you could say I am addicted, idk. lol

I have used these products since October 2020, so I know they work.

Now, I told ya’ll there would be something exciting at the end of this blog post. Here it is: If you use the link provided, this will get you $10 dollars off & free shipping! That link will take you to the serum package. You do not have to purchase this specific item (although, you wont regret it). But just as long as you shop through this link, you’ll get your ten off. BUT IT WONT SHOW UP UNTIL FINAL PAGE OF CHECK OUT.

Ya’ll thanks again, for reading yet another blog post. I hope you take advantage of this & check into these products. If you have ANY questions, send them my way. In fact, I will provide a subscribe link below, and I will reach out to you, if you would like, to answer any questions!

Like always, I try my best to be REAL & RAW. Life is hard. The last thing we need to deal with is breakouts and wrinkles, right?

Idk, thats what they say anyways!

Talk soon,

Lyd (you skincare professional, HA)

Send me your email address below & I will get back to you shortly!

Calling All Moms: “Go-to” Cleaning Supplies!

Calling All Moms: “Go-to” Cleaning Supplies!

Yup, this is one of those posts about cleaning.. and just like the job itself, this post could be never ending. My main focus for this blog post is to simply share some of my favorite cleaning items. Of course, you do not have to be a mom to relate but as a mom, we know, these items tend to get used twice as much (unfortunately).

I am serious when I say cleaning is NEVER ending (URGH!). I swear I clean and the moment I feel good about a clean house, it is a mess again. I only have ONE child. And she’s ONE. All you moms of several children, God bless you. It gives me anxiety even thinking about the cleaning.

Any good house maids around the Knoxville, TN area: drop them my way! HA.

First on the list, (HA I sound like a professional cleaner).. wait, wait, wait.

Before I start, let me make this disclaimer.

I am NOT a professional cleaner. Nor is my house spotless for more than 2 hours. Seriously, ask my friends, family, and babysitters. I can make it look good but being REAL and RAW here (#lifewithlyd), I suck. I can clean, don’t get me wrong. My mama taught me to CLEAN when I do. But I still have not mastered the traits of having a CONSTANTLY clean home ( sorry, Cohl. I love you!)

Back to the list:


I am obsessed with this vacuum. It is very light weight and does a fantastic job (trust me, I know. My kid is constantly running around eating crackers & gold fish).

I mainly have hard wood but I do have a shaggy area rug & it still does great. There is a ‘hard wood’ option and ‘carpet’ option. With the ‘carpet’ option, spinners kick on. FIVE STAR FROM THIS HOUSE.


This sucker here is the best. When Kaylor is eating and decides she would rather have it on the floor instead of her in her mouth, bam, wet jet it is.

Although it does not vacuum, I still can get my floor damp and mop it into one pile and sweep it all up with my broom. Very light weight and gets the job done efficiently. SCORE!

#3 Multi-Surface Cleaner

I used to use more of a bleach related cleaner. But if you do your fair share of research on that, it is terrible for the body (OPINION).

Have you ever cleaned and you just felt awful afterwards? Like your hands smelled like straight up bleach, headache & just over all exhausted? Yeah, you should check the cleaners you are using, ingredients.

This is more of a natural based cleaner. The smell is not near as harsh but still cleans tough stains and surfaces well. All while giving you the fresh scent.

I purchased mine at Target. That is where I get several of my less harsh cleaning supplies. They seem to keep a good stock at my near by Target.

Your body may thank me later! πŸ™‚

#4 Eufy RoboVac

Okay, this thing is cool. I mean are you ever sitting at work & you think, I need to vacuum when I get home or I would love to just be able to vacuum? (yeah, probably not) but BAM, now you can! All from the works of your phone.

I am serious when I say, I could follow Kaylor around with a vacuum all day long and still not get it all ( My husband would say, well then stop giving her snacks without being in her high chair. But what fun is that?)

I literally, just push start and this sucker goes around my whole house and vacuums. Best invention ever. GET ONE. YOU WONT REGRET IT.

PS: It even cleans under my bed. Yeah.. scary.

Okay, I think that’s enough. Those are the four main products I use DAILY. They are like my best friends- no joke.

Also, please comment or send me a message of your favorite cleaning items. I am always up for new things & items to make my life easier.

I hope this helps you & if not, at least you can laugh, right?

Talk very soon!

Your cleaning professional ( NOT REALLY haha)



Hey Ya’ll!

Hey Ya’ll!

Like what I did up there? It sounds southern, right? LOL

I am actually not a southerner, although I reside in Tennessee! I grew up in Western Ohio. I often wonder how I got to where I am today. But I would not have it any other way!

Here is a picture of MY WORLD. And my reason WHY! I can not wait to tell you more about them πŸ˜‰

Throughout this blog, I am hoping to catch your interest- whether it be from your interest in my blog posts, shopping links or just to keep up with me (trust me, I am not THAT interesting, HA!). But this gives me a way to explore my creativity as well as bring things to the table that spark your interest!

I have really juggled with starting my own blog for a while. I often get thoughts like “you are not good enough at blogging to do that” and “no one will be interested.” And although these thoughts still arise daily, I have decided to just go for it!

So please be patient! As, not only am I trying to figure out ‘how’ to blog, but also, how to intrigue my audience as well!

So please, stick around! There is more to come πŸ˜‰